How one can Wash Plastic Bathe Curtains?

Bathe curtains are important to any restroom however can turn out to be filthy and dirty over time. Luckily, cleaning them requires only some easy steps. On this article by Dubai Curtain, we’ll instruct you on cleansing your plastic bathe curtain to make them seem model new. This manner, you may say welcome to a spotless and aromatic lavatory!

Let Us See The Washing Course of Of Plastic Curtains

  1. Fill your bathtub with tepid water earlier than washing your plastic bathe curtain. Average temperature cleans curtain fibres nicely. To wash higher, add 1/4 cup baking soda. Baking soda removes odours and stains.
  2. It’s a delicate but efficient substance that won’t hurt or discolour your plastic bathe curtain. As soon as added to the water, do stir it nicely to make sure full dissolution.
  3. Immerse the bathe curtain within the cleansing answer.For cussed stains, go away it for half-hour.
  4. Put together your self mentally for some scouring whilst you anticipate the magic to happen. This section requires a clear sponge or material.
  5. After half-hour, take your chosen cleansing implement and gently scour each side of the curtain to take away any remaining grime or residue.
  6. Bear in mind to not be too harsh throughout this course of; you do not need to tear or hurt your beneficial plastic bathe curtain. Use agency however delicate strokes, concentrating on filthy areas equivalent to detergent residue buildup and mildew blotches. Take away any remnant residue earlier than continuing to dry the curtain.
  7. Now that your plastic bathe curtains have been totally washed, you may air-dry them or dry them on low warmth in a dryer.

Dangle the Drapes for Half Hour to Take in the Marinade

This easy but efficient technique may also help take away filth, grime, and mildew from the curtain’s floor, leaving it clear and contemporary.

  1. Fill your bathtub with tepid water to start out. Make sure the water temperature shouldn’t be too excessive to keep away from damaging the curtain. Add round 1/4 cup baking soda to the water subsequent. The cleaning properties of baking soda may also help remove odours from the material.
  2. As soon as the marinating answer has been ready, rigorously place the bathe curtain in a tub crammed with water and baking soda. Make sure that the whole material is submerged within the answer. Now could be the second for persistence! Permitting it to marinate for about thirty minutes will likely be ample to launch any obstinate discolouration or deposits.
  3. Whereas ready for the immersing course of to work wonders, use a clear sponge or washcloth to take away any seen grime or residue from each side of the curtain. Focus on areas that will include detergent residue or fungi.
  4. After half-hour, totally take away all traces of baking soda and detergent by rinsing the bathe curtain on each side with clear water. Take away any remnant residue earlier than continuing to dry the floor.
  5. Now that your plastic bathe curtains have been totally washed, you may air-dry them or dry them on low warmth in a dryer.

Make the most of a Contemporary Sponge or Washcloth to Clear the Curtain

Scrubbing filth and dirt from a plastic bathe curtain with a clear sponge or washcloth is likely one of the only strategies. This technique lets you goal particular, severely contaminated areas, guaranteeing a complete cleaning.

  1. Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water and add 1/4 cup baking soda. Baking soda cleans gently, whereas tepid water loosens filth. Place the plastic bathe curtain within the tub and marinate for half-hour after making the answer.
  2. After submerging, scour the curtain’s floor together with your clear sponge or washcloth. Pay particular consideration to any tainted or discoloured areas, guaranteeing ample strain to take away obstinate stains with out damaging the fabric.
  3. Rinse your sponge or washcloth with clear water periodically as you scour to keep away from reapplying grime to the curtain. Proceed this process till each side of the plastic bathe curtain have been totally cleaned.
  4. Earlier than drying, rinse it with clear water. These methods will allow you to hold your lavatory’s plastic bathe curtain clear.

Rinse the Material With Pure Water

  1. Rinse your plastic bathe curtain after cleansing. Rinse the curtain to take away residue. It will clear and extend your curtain.
  2. Activate the tub faucet or moveable bathe head. Keep a average water temperature. Clear the draperies rigorously underneath operating water.
  3. Pay particular consideration throughout rinsing to areas the place cleaning soap or baking soda could have collected in the course of the cleaning course of. Take away any residue together with your hand or a sponge till the water flows clear.
  4. Proceed rinsing till all vestiges of the cleansing answer are eliminated, and the cleanliness of the curtain satisfies you. Make the most of this chance to examine for uncared for discolouration or imperfections requiring extra remedy.
  5. Do not forget that thorough cleaning is important; leaving any detergent residue in your plastic bathe curtain can finally result in discolouration or mildew progress.

Dry the Curtain within the Dryer With A Low Warmth Setting

After totally cleaning your plastic bathe curtain, you will need to decide easy methods to dry it. Two choices are air drying or a low-heat setting on the drier. The tactic of hanging the drape is straightforward and efficient.

  1. First, be certain that the world the place you plan to show the merchandise is dry and spotless. Then, agitate the curtain to take away extra water earlier than draping it over a clothesline or bathe pole. Make sure that the material is stretched out equitably to dry completely.
  2. To keep away from injury, use a dryer. Begin by placing the curtain and some towels or linens within the dryer to keep away from creasing and noise. Low-heat or delicate dryer settings stop plastic from melting or warping.
  3. Do not forget that extreme warmth could cause harm, so use this system cautiously. Moreover, monitor your curtain all through the drying course of and promptly take away it as soon as it’s dry.
  4. Guarantee your plastic bathe curtain is totally dry earlier than rehanging it in your lavatory, whichever technique you select. It will assist stop the expansion of fungi and mildew and improve its lifespan.


Common cleansing extends material life and retains restrooms clear. Subsequently, give your bathe curtains some tender, loving care! A bit of effort goes a good distance in sustaining them contemporary, spotless, and alluring for each bathe. With these options in thoughts, plastic bathe curtains won’t ever once more be a priority. Take pleasure in coming into a gleaming clear restroom every day.