Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Each factor You Need to Know

Whether or not or not it’s a recent residence or an earlier abode, hardwood floor refinishing is an amazing resolution to revive the bottom’s look. Picket floor refinishing, also typically referred to as resurfacing, can add a makeover to your uninteresting and scratchy floor. It’s merely manageable and saves a lot of time and cash as correctly.

The result of sanding hardwood flooring is a fresh and shiny ground to work on. Favor spring and a temperature of 18.3°C–23.8°C for refinishing your floor.

Study alongside to get further particulars about it. 

The Enterprise Overview

Working Time 6 to eight hours per day
Time Required 3 to 4 days
Yield 10’ x 10’ room
Expertise Effectivity Intermediate
Estimated Value $(200 – 300)

Adjust to These 7 Concepts Sooner than You Begin

1. How Clear is Your Floor?

Mud and dirt make the bottom uninteresting, so sooner than you start, make certain the bottom is evident. 

2. Deep Cleaning

    1. Clear the bottom with a snug bristle broom.
    2. Vacuum and clear the bottom.
    3. Use a concentrated cleaner and micro materials to mop the bottom.
    4. After the three steps of deep cleaning, ground clear with a micro materials and vacuum 3 instances each week.
    5. Use concentrated picket floor cleaner to wash the bottom every month.
    6. Do expert deep cleaning yearly.

3. DIY With out Sanding

It’s worthwhile to use the following merchandise to regain the shine of the bottom with out sanding – 

  1. Picket Floor Transformations  
  2. Hardwood Floor Reviver 
  3. Picket Floor Restorer

4. Refinishing As a result of the Biggest Chance

If the hardwood floor is previous DIY fixes, then adjust to these steps – 

  1. Sanding
  2. Patching
  3. Staining 

5. Fixing The Gaps

Picket expands all through the summer time season and contracts all through the winter. So, do trowel filling and post-sanding to restore the darn gaps all through the suitable time of the 12 months.

6. Darkish Floor Stains

Stain colors equal to darkish oak or mahogany are modern these days nonetheless know that mud particles are further seen in darker colors. So choose stains accurately.

7. Shiny Floor or Satin Floor?

Ponder the purpose of the bottom sooner than deciding between shiny or satin. Because of shiny flooring are shiny and straightforward, whereas satin is hard and thus exhausting to slip on. 

5 Bonus Information

  1. For oak, maple, or one other floor, refinishing or aggressive sanding is the perfect.
  2. If the bottom is 3/4th inch thick, then 3-4 sandings could also be achieved. 
  3. Gluing hardwood veneer planks with plywood results in a sort of picket often known as engineered picket. 
  4. Engineered picket desires only one refinishing. 
  5. Sanding won’t be applicable for laminated flooring.

What Devices and Provides Are Wished for Refinishing Hardwood Floor?


  1. Pry bar.
  2. Security for eyes, ears, nostril, and mouth.
  3. Hammer.
  4. Edge sander.
  5. Upright drum or belt sander.
  6. Paint scraper.
  7. Easy bristle broom.
  8. Brad Nailer.
  9. Paintbrush with a roller. 
  10. Needle-nosed pliers.
  11. Beneath radiator sender.
  12. Spackle knife. 
  13. Sanding pool.
  14. Vacuum.  
  15. Good steel picket pads. 


  1. Plastic sheet.
  2. Painter’s tape.
  3. Picket putty.
  4. Clear materials.
  5. 40, 60, 80, or 120-grit sanding bets for upright and edge sanders.
  6. Good-grit sandpaper.
  7. Tack materials.
  8. Sealer, varnish, or polyurethane topcoat finish.
  9. Picket stain.
  10. 120-grit sanding show display screen.
  11. Denatured alcohol.
  12. Oil-based stain.
  13. Straightforward foam roller.
  14. Rags. 

5 Safety And Security Concepts For Refinishing

  1. Use an upright drum sander for sanding hardwood flooring. But this instrument is sort of tough to cope with so, be taught the instructions accurately sooner than using it. 
  2. Placed on a defending masks, listening to protector, and eye protector, whereas using the upright drum sander. 
  3. Maintain the world ventilated as rather a lot as attainable, using residence home windows and followers all through the sanding course of. 
  4. Take time whereas sanding, because of if the upright floor sander is misused, it might presumably create deep dips throughout the floor. 
  5. Don’t rock or tilt the sander; it might presumably gouge the bottom.

Do Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Step-By-Step Data

Step 01: Make Your Ideas

Sooner than you start, resolve which sort of refinishing you want: engineered picket or hardwood. 

Step 02: Put collectively The Floor For Refinish

hardwood floor refinishing

Start by cleaning the room and the bottom. Clear the shoe and door molds as correctly. Take away the staples from the carpet on the bottom. 

Step 03: Eradicating of Trim Moldings

hardwood floor refinishing

For prime quality work, take away the baseboards sooner than you begin. Be careful while you pry the molding, as a result of it tends to crack. 

Step 04: Cowl All The Doorways and Ducts

Cowl doorways and vent ducts with plastic and painter’s tape so that the sanding mud doesn’t journey all through your property.

Step 05: Cleanse The Floor

hardwood floor refinishing

Do a deep cleaning of the bottom to remove all sorts of mud and particles. 

Step 06: Do The Required Restore Work

hardwood floor refinishing

Intently take a look at the bottom for any protruded nails and totally restore them because of they’re typically nuanced throughout the sanding course of. Moreover, look at for damaged or missing floorboards and restore them as correctly.

Step 07: Hardwood Floor Refinishing

hardwood floor refinishing

Adjust to these steps for the sanding course of – 

  1. Arrange upright drum sander with 40-, 60-, 80- or 120-grit sanding belt, counting on the need. 
  2. Positioned on defending gear.
  3. Start sanding your whole floor.
  4. Switch the sander parallel to the boards and by no means all through them.
  5. Do sanding close to the wall.
  6. Don’t contact the sander with the baseboard.

Step 08: Nook and Edge Sanding

hardwood floor refinishing

Refinish the room’s edges and corners as a lot because the baseboards using a hand sander that options 40- or 60-grit sandpaper. You could need to use a paint scraper to the corners to get rid of the ultimate traces of the tip.

Step 09: Floor Examination

hardwood floor refinishing

Use medium-grade sanding for any leftover space. Publish the refinishing, take a look at the bottom for a smoother finish. Use wall putty to cowl any gauges, then sand them as soon as extra with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe them with a tack materials. 

Step 10: Publish-Sanding Cleaning

hardwood floor refinishing

Do vacuum cleaning to remove the post-refinishing mud, after which mop.  

Step 11: Staining

hardwood floor refinishing

Staining is non-compulsory, nonetheless you could choose any coloration to stain your floor. Certainly one of many greatest methods to make use of stain is to rub throughout the stain with clear rags. 

Step 12: Floor Sealing and Topcoat

hardwood floor refinishing

After the picket floor refinishing has dried totally, apply the topcoat or varnish. Sealing will help defend the bottom from dings, water hurt, and scratches for not lower than 6-12 months and likewise add shine to the bottom. 

Sealants For Hardwood Floor Refinishing

1. Polyurethane 

It’s a transparent, plastic-like substance. You’ll be capable to apply them on the bottom using a normal paintbrush. From shiny to matte, they’re obtainable in all types of finishes. They add a defending sheet on the bottom to face up to scratches and stains. 

2. Standard Varnish 

Very similar to polyurethane, they’re well-known for his or her dramatic affect on the bottom. As they’re very skinny, they may restore even the smallest spots whereas darkening the bottom. 

3. Pure Oil Finishes 

It’s worthwhile to use Tung oil, which is eco-friendly and low price. Nevertheless they don’t appear to be so good in the case of security and together with shine to the bottom. They should be utilized at frequent intervals of time as correctly. 

4. Wax 

Wax is understood for its pure and matte finish. Nevertheless they lack sturdiness, are labor intensive, and need reapplication. 

Step 13: Molding Substitute

The ultimate step entails placing within the molding and edge masking. Use a brad nailer to place the moldings. 

5 Easy Concepts for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

  1. Protect your baseboards using masking tape.
  2. The bottom could also be refinished with out requiring you to go away your room.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove particles and dust between refinishing with various grit grades.
  4. Felt pads are wanted whereas transferring on the refinishing floor to protect them from scratch. 
  5. You aren’t required to utilize darkish stainers on a regular basis. 

Why You Should Hire a Expert for Hardwood Refinishing Floor?

hardwood floor refinishing

What Happens When You Do DIY Refinishing?

  1. Lease a solid-wood sanding machine.
  2. Refinishing devices and preparation can worth spherical $200 per day.
  3. Errors are unavoidable.
  4. Extreme effectivity and experience are required to hold out the obligation.

Benefits You Get From Professionals

  1. Relying upon the dimensions of labor, the expert price is as little as $3-8 per sq. ft. for hardwood floor refinishing.
  2. Sanding and 2-3 layers of ground ending are involved throughout the expert course of.
  3. Professionals require a lot much less time for refinishing and cleaning‌ 3-5 days.

Are You Ready To Incorporate Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing can add price to your space and create a warmth look as correctly. Asking for expert help will ease your methodology, however when not, you’ll be able to do the refinishing your self as correctly. This textual content ought to have given you enough details about it, so now it’s your flip to shine up your flooring.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing FAQs:-

How Prolonged Does Refinishing Last?

If maintained correctly, it can final so long as 10 years; in every other case,  it desires a refinish every 7 years.

How Can I Make Refinishing Low-cost?

  1. Go for hardwood floor refinishing near me.
  2. Get minute scratches mounted.
  3. Do hardwood flooring.
  4. Mop it correctly.
  5. Alternatively, lease a machine for floor sharpening.

Is Refinishing Helpful? 

Certain, because of it helps extend your floor’s life, it’s cheaper, safer than substitute, and long-lasting as correctly.

Should I Go for Refinish or Alternate Hardwood Floor? 

Considering the funds, refinishing is cheaper than substitute. However when the hurt is excessive, then go for a substitute.

How Lots Does it Value for Refinishing? 

The average worth to refinish hardwood flooring is $1000–$2400. Nonetheless, DIY refinishing worth quite much less, spherical $500 per 275 sq. ft.


Common, hardwood floor refinishing is an effective strategy to improve the look and price of your property. In the event you’re considering this function, you’ll need to do your evaluation and choose a superb contractor.

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